We are most grateful to the Dr. Fritz-Thyssen Stiftung for making this project possible.

Sincere gratitude to all scientific contributors, programmers and assistants and most of all to the many scholars of preceding generations whose immense philological work made our project more feasible!

We would like to acknowledge our deep gratitude to the following institutions that have supported the project by kindly providing us with electronic texts:

CCAT at the University of Pennsylvania for the electronic texts of the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint.

The Peshitta Institute at Leiden University for kindly providing us with an electronic copy of the Peshitta.

To Larry Nelson for permitting the use of his electronic version of the JPS translation from 1917 used for the English version of the Hebrew Bible.

To the vulsearch project for the electronic Latin text of the Clementine Vulgate and to Unboundbible for the English translation of Douay Rheims.

To J Warren Wells for the electronic texts of the Sahidic and the Bohairic New Testaments.

To Kevin J. Edgecomb for providing us with tables for several lectionaries.

And finally, we are most grateful to the TGIR-HumaNum (ex TGE-Adonis), the main DH platform in France, to host our project and to provide us with excellent services.

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