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The construction of this database was launched in January 2006. Today it includes roughly 50 lectionaries with roughly 3000 events and 12000 individual readings.

List of (Some) Lectionaries Included So Far

Name  Language Comment
 Old Armenian Lectionary, ms Jerusalem 121 and Erevan 985 and Paris BN 44  Armenian  Oldest witness for Jerusalem liturgy
Egeria Latin some references in a travel log of a pilgrim to the Holy Land in the late IVth century
 Constantinople Typicon (ms St. Cross 40)  Greek  Tenth century
Classical Greek Lectionary of the Prophets Greek Reconstruction according to Rahlfs based on three early manuscripts
 Vat. Syr. 24  Syriac  Witness of the rite of the Upper Monastery, Eastern Syriac
 Bobbio Missale  Latin  Old Gallican rite
 Luxueil  Latin Old Gallican rite
 Mozarabic, Paris BN lat 2269 palimpsest  Latin  Old Mozarabic rite from around 800
 Roman Lectionary, Comes Wuerzburg  Latin  Witness for the Roman rite, end of 7th century
 Murbach  Latin  Roman rite
 Alcuin  Latin  Roman rite
 Salamanca 2647  Arabic Maronite Rite
 British Museum add 14705  Syriac  
 British Library 243 (Add. 14492)  Syriac  
 Paris Bibliothèque Nationale 27 Anc fonds 5  Syriac  
 British Library LII Add 17103  Syriac  
 British Library add 14485a  Syriac  
British Library Add 14686 Syriac interesting lectionary with some readings from 2Bar and 4Ezra
 British Library add 14485b  Syriac  
 British Library XLVIIII Add 14442  Syriac  
 British Library L Add 14437  Syriac  
 British Library CCXXIV add 12139  Syriac  
 British Library add 14487  Syriac  
 British Library XLIV Add 12134  Syriac  
 Burkitt Lectionary BL 14528  Syriac  A Syriac Lectionary that might attest to readings used in Edessa of the fifth century
 British Library add 14486  Syriac  
 British Library 243 (add. 14492)  Syriac   Witness for the Lectionay of the Upper Monastery from 862 AD
 Mishna  Hebrew  Attestations for fixed readings in the Mishna (3rd century)
 Tosefta  Hebrew  Attestations for fixed readings in the Tosefta, belonging to the rabbinic corpus, perhaps around 300
Jerusalem Talmud Hebrew / Aramaic  
 Pesiqta Rabbati Hebrew  Homiletic Midrash with lecture indications
 Pesiqta de Rav Kahana Hebrew  Homiletic Midrash with lecture indications
 Babylonian Talmud Hebrew / Aramaic  
 Jewish triennial    (reconstruction acc to Mann & Wacholder and according to Yossi Ofer)
 Siddur Rav Saadia Gaon  Arabic  tenth century Iraq
 Jewish Yemenite  Hebrew  
 Jewish Sephardi  Hebrew  
 Jewish Byzantine (Romaniot)  Hebrew  
 Jewish Ashkenazi  Hebrew  
 Jewish Italian  Hebrew  

Lectionaries Currently Undergoing Digitalization

The Jerusalem Lectionary as witnessed in ms P (Paris, Cod. Georg. 3) of the Old Georgian Lectionary.

Albanian Palimpsest Lectionary

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