Event: 1st Sunday after the festival of Tents

Lectionary: SyrBerSach322 - Sachau_322 edited by Sachau, E., Verzeichniss der syrischen Handschriften der Königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin 1899. Vol 1, No 15, pp. 32-42 (100th)
Event name as in edition used for transcription:
Erster Sonntag nach dem Zelten-Fest
Date formula:
Sunday after Transfiguration (Julian calendar)

List of generic events associated with this event

Generic event ID Day of festival Date ID Generic event name Date formula Comments Problems
1696 1 1 1st Sunday after the Transfiguration Sunday after Transfiguration (Julian calendar)

List of readings on this event

Reading ID Sequence Hour Function Choice Split Biblical Passage Reference code Internal reference Comments Problems
25729 1 Gospel Mt 13,44-52 ( SyHex ) f. 251v
25730 2 Gospel Lk 14,15-24 ( SyHex ) f. 251v
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